Dating your fender by the serial number

28-Feb-2018 13:06

The price had dropped to around ,000 by early 2009.FURTHER UPDATE 6/09: I am told by Guitar Center that they have reconsidered the price drop, believe in the long-term value of this guitar and have rasied the retail price back to ,000.For the Clapton 335, my understanding is that orders were taken on a specific date from Fender dealers on a first-come first-served basis.In both cases, the customers who were successful in getting a guitar were those who paid for them in advance.The value of Number One nearly tripled within months of its release, but I don't see Lenny being met with that kind of demand.UPDATE: I hope you didn't buy one when they first went on sale.In the summer of 2011 one sold privately for ,000.In May 2013 it was reported that Guitar Sofa in Hong Kong sold one for ,500 USD.

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It is not a limited edition guitar, and is readily available today.

The Fender Custom Shop made 235 replicas of Stevie's "Lenny" guitar (185 for the U. market, 50 overseas) that went on sale in mid-December, 2007, at a price of ,000 each.

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